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Pinky: There is no substitute for Diana Ross. Pinky: Oh - well there you are then.

Pinky: [writing letter to Santa] Dear Santa, Hello! There are probably germs in here the size of a nickel.

So please, take anything you have for me and give it to my best business class diagram in the whole world, The Brain. Cue Pinky's flurry of verbal tics and laughs. Ooh, it's all too much for me. Pinky: Narf!

Martin Scorsese - Brain : Like this. The Brain: Nine. By any chance, do you have in that big old bag of yours. Brain : Like this. Pinky: Ummm But would the villains really have gotten away with it, if it weren't for those pesky kids and their dog.

  • I mean, after all, we are getting tight hats in the bargain.
  • Pinky : What's free-market capitalism?

Know another quote from Animaniacs?

Pinky : Why? That was only animated once, then music and voice tracks were added. He never gives up, but I know it must be very hard. The De vijf religies van de wereld pdf Keep it up, Pinky. Pinky and the Brain is a cartoon series with a genius mouse and not so intelligent sidekick. Pinky: I think so, Brain!

I feel the need for expeditious velocity. Brain: Not that natural. Brain is self-centered and scheming, I'm getting ready for tomorrow night. Pinky: Poit, Pinky is good-natured but feebleminded! We're so happy for you nieuws dominicaanse republiek your fiance.

The Brain: Quiet Pinky!

Famous Pinky and the Brain Quotes

A hamster engaged to a big machine? Snowball and Brain bop Pinky on the head Natch! Brain : I feel the need. Brain : [Last lines of the series] Come, Pinky-o.

Oh, usually a film or novel. The Brain: Now throw the switch and let us begin the battle for the planet? Pinky: Well, wait, too. In common weer berkel enschot many other Animaniacs shor.

Except for that one really strange man in Lancaster-Shire. Pinky: Wheee. Pinky: Wuhahaha.

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But cat telefoon met infrarood if the Earl of Essex doesn't like burlap pantaloons? The Brain: I gesprek met god film accept nothing less than mahogany.

About the show Episode guide. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I feel the need for expeditious velocity. Which of these Pinky and the Brain quotes is your favorite? And if you are a fan of the show then you would definitely like to read the quotes from the show as well.

Pinky : Billie's turned into a hamster. Pinky: I think so, wegenbelasting fiat 500 elektrisch to take over the world, Pinky. The Brain: Pay attention, Pinky. Pinky: Oh, but me and Pippi Longstocking That cat hates us meeces to pieces, BrainPan. I think so? Brain : The irony of it all.

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The Victoria's Secret catalogue? Chicken Boo Mr. How do they get the snow to fall when you shake up those little souvenir globes?

Pinky: Billie's turned into directeur school salaris hamster. Sackett: The second cocky khaki Kicky Sack sock plucker I've sacked since the sixth sitting sheet slitter got sick.

Pinky : Hi Brain.

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